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Paint Dada
11-26 January 2019
Opening event: Friday 11 January 7:00-9:00pm

A group painting show, curated with the principles of Dada in mind. Paintings that either reject a traditional aesthetic, display a sense of the absurd, experiment with modes of display or use collage, appropriation or juxtaposition. Paintings to raise some awkward questions about painting.

Ellie Young
Jan Williams
Katie Trick
Andre Stitt
Giuliano Premier
James Moore
Phil Lambert
Jacqueline Jones
Penny Hallas
Lara Davies
Philippa Brown
Jo Berry
Sebastian Aplin

The artists in the show are all members of Painters Club, a group of painters based in Wales who meet regularly to discuss work, visit shows and share opportunities.

'Demo 4' Andre Stitt 2017

'Demo 4' Andre Stitt, 2017

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